Mrs. Monica C. Makachi (AG)

MSc (Med-Surg Nsg), BSc.(Nsg), RNE, RM, RN (Acting Provost)


Mrs. Ezekwe chinyere P (AG)

HOD, Department of Nursing

About Us

Department of Nursing

College of Nursing Sciences at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Ihiala was founded by His Grace Most Rev. Charles Heerey CSSp of Blessed Memory in 1953 and managed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, after the exit of the expatriate Holy Rosary Sisters. The school has experienced progressive metamorphic growth and development since its inception and therefore has achieved over and above the aims and objectives for which it was established.

Over the years, through its varied programs and course content, the school has provided its students world-class standards in nursing training, thereby supplying the hospital here as well as in other places with the high-level manpower without which they might not have recorded successes in their healthcare delivery.

Thus, the unprecedented infrastructural development and academic excellence achieved in the school speak for themselves. The aesthetic and horticultural environment of the school beautifies its premises as well as promotes enthusiasm and teaching/learning experiences. Our highly committed academic staff have constantly provided our students with the required stuff with which they have severally excelled in Nursing Council Examinations. Because of this, our graduates are in high demand in the labor market; hence, they are found in health facilities throughout Nigeria and beyond.

"Nursing Unto Christ"


To prepare professionally competent and versatile nurse practitioners who, through initiative and self-directed learning, are capable of providing high level wholistic health care to individuals in homes, communities, health centers, hospitals and clinics throughout the country.


Prospective applicants for the program must have a Senior Secondary School Certificate with a credit-level pass in a minimum of five subjects, which should include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Additionally, candidates are required to undergo both a written and oral interview administered by the school.


Quick Guide On Course Profile And Duration


The General Nursing Programme shall be a six semester programme of study. The courses in the first year of the programme shall be designated at 100 level with a prefix of General Nursing (GN). The courses in the second and third year of study shall be designated at 200 level and 300 level respectively with the same prefix.


Philosophy Of The School

The aim of the school in providing nursing education is to achieve better health for both individuals and the entire community. This is based on the following premises to wit.

  1. That man is a biological , spiritual , social and psychological individual unit whose needs are an inherent part of his nature and therefore is affected by factors within his environment.
  2. Nursing is primarily concerned with human life, the quality of health of the individual , family group or community . Nursing is directed towards the achievement of better health and consequently as a practical profession must be firmly based on knowledge derived from the biological , physical and behavioural sciences relevant to the understanding of human nature.
  3. Health is an integral part of the overall development of man. Factors which influence health are socio-cultural , biological and environmental in nature.
  4. Health care with emphasis on Primary Health is fundamentally related to the availability , accessibility and affordability of both health and socio-economic resources.
  5. The nurse, as human being , exists and shares the same nature , humaneous and basic needs as the client/patient . the professional nursing practitioner , having acquired nursing knowledge , skills , attitudes and ethics , is dully bound to provide safe and effective health care to all patients put under his/her care.
  6. The client is capable of reasoning and is therefore likely to possess basic ideas , beliefs and values which guides his actions. He is an active partner in the nursing care process and participates in crucial decisions- making and regarding his care and environment
  7. Nursing Education is systematic direction and guidance of the student in an institution approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria
  8. Continuing Education is a continuos process of educational development aimed at enhancing professional growth , competence and efficiency in achieing health care delivery at all levels. The nurses' Knowledge should be updated through self directed learning/teaching and the regular participation in continuing education programmes such as seminar , workshops etc. to update ones practical and theoretical experience.